I know that it may be difficult for you to stay focused in these turbulent times, especially for those who are used to working in offices and have since been thrown off their usual schedule. There is no one magic trick, but we do have some tips that should come in handy. Good luck!

1. Make a List!

Lists are easy to make, and serve as an incredibly valuable tool for organizing one’s schedule. Just like if you are going to the supermarket and need to remember what to buy- lists are a key reminder of the tasks that you need to get done in a certain time frame. Try making a list at the beginning of each workday(or the night before, if you prefer), and write a series of goals for the day- starting with what you need to get done, and then follow up with more ambitious or fun ones at the end. This way, you may complete your required work for the day and find that you have time to get ahead of schedule or work on a creative project. However, there is little point in making a list if you don’t check it as you go along- it will help you stay on track, and feel an earned sense of accomplishment every time you check something off. Use lists to help structure your day, and you will go a long way.

2. Find Your New “Office Space”

While the good news about working remotely is that it may give you more of a chance to be comfortable, you do not want to get so comfy that you don’t feel motivated to work. If you are thrown off by switching from a work environment to a home one, it may be very easy to doze off, get distracted, or just not feel the sense of urgency in completing tasks that you do while at the office. Start by establishing a new office space to work out of consistently. This does not have to be your own custom-made home office, as many people do not have the time and money for that. But it should be a place where you can feel awake and have limited districtions. If you are looking for space, perhaps you can convert your dining room table into a desk, or living room setup into a makeshift office. And avoid your bed- this is a major no-no!

3. Limit News + Social Media Consumption

This is an issue that I have experienced before, and if you have had similar problems, I can guarantee that you are not alone. It is very easy, especially in such turbulent times, to get distracted by checking the news or your social media feed over and over again. When working on a project, you must find a way to block out this noise; unless it is apart of or relevant to the specific work you are doing, of course. Turn the sound off on your cell phone notifications, and perhaps try using websites such as https://selfcontrol